I almost gave up on hair extensions because of my last experience.  This is the first product I have ever felt compelled to review because it is just so good. People comment all the time on how beautiful my hair looks. Even now after a month, I have only lost one piece or strand of my extensions.  With just regular care, the Donna Bella hair is just as soft and beautiful now as it was when first applied.  My faith in extensions has been restored.  I’d recommend this product to anyone.

Alicia Coleman - Costa Mesa, CA

Yes it's expensive, but well worth the money because it lasts longer than any other human hair I’ve used. This is my third full head and the quality of the hair has been very consistent. I suggested Donna Bella to a friend of mine and she loves it too.

Candice Wilcox - Sarasota, FL

Compared to my Great Lengths hair that I’ve used for years, Donna Bella is a much higher quality grade and a much better price. The best part however is that finally, besides Great Lengths, another company has created a bond that stays in the hair.  I’ve tried so many other types of extensions, but they all seem to fall out within the first 4-6 weeks.  As a stylist, this saves me so much time and headache.  Sure there is cheaper hair out there, but trust me you can’t make money if your client keeps coming in to complain that they’re falling out.  Thanks Donna Bella.

Clay Nelson - Augusta, GA

Finally a hair extension company that cares about the stylist.  I’ve now ordered from Donna Bella more than 30 times.  Only once did they make a mistake on the color of beads that I ordered, which they corrected immediately.  The timing and accuracy for shipping is SO IMPORTANT for a stylist and Donna Bella understands this. There’s nothing worse than an excited client showing up and the hair is either not there or is wrong.  That was my experience with so many other companies.  I don’t have to worry about losing clients anymore.

Whitney Harris - Tucson, AZ 

If anyone has ever ordered from Donna Bella before, you know how great Kathy is.  She knows me by name.  She makes the ordering process so quick and easy.  My only problem is that sometimes I’m not able to get through to place my order by phone.  This can be a little frustrating when I need to get back to a client.  Luckily though I will always get a call back within 10 minutes confirming my order.  It’s worth the inconvenience.

Tracy Jones - Las Vegas, NV

I have never emailed a response for anything on the Internet, and yet, the service you do for stylists across America is extraordinary and simply deserves mentioning! I had an unexpected client request.  She wanted hair extensions on Monday morning before leaving on vacation. She told me this late Friday afternoon.  I called the Donna Bella office to see if this was possible.  I was told the product would ship within the next half hour and if Fedex does their part, it would be no problem.  Because I’d had bad luck with other companies, I had a lot of doubt.  Before 9am on Monday morning, I was shocked to see the Donna Bella package come through that front door.  As always, they didn’t make one mistake when packing the products.  This is a company that every hair extension stylist should experience. 

Heather Lowry – La Jolla, CA

I recently purchased the Duo Kit from DonnaBellaHair.com.  It was the first time I have ever purchased anything from Donna Bella.  The quality of the product was exceptional. There is a lot of attention to detail. I pulled everything out and popped the instructional DVD in.  As I followed along, I was able to put highlights in my daughter’s hair which looked amazing.  I have since done over 10 clients and made great money back. 

Holly Johnson – Chicago, IL

I just received some hair from Donna Bella. I had previously ordered the same hair color from another website and received a confirmation of my purchase.  I paid extra to have the hair shipped overnight for an important client. When they didn’t arrive, I called only to find out that they were on backorder.  I frantically searched for another company and found Donna Bella on Google.  I was wary, but the rep. assured me the hair was in stock.  I received the hair next day, still in time for my client.  Thanks for your great service.  I will be back and refer your company to stylist friends (not in my area of courseJ).

Lisa Larson – New York, NY

You guys rock. Your service is EXCELLENT. Your new website is fabulous. Fast and easy.  I love the “sales and specials”.  Keep em coming.   Thanks a million!

Sam Williams – Seattle, WA

Your company is unbelievable! I feel so relieved that I can finally rely on a hair extension company.  I ordered my hair Tuesday night from Florida and it was delivered on Thursday.  The impressive part is how cheap the shipping was.  Because I order so much hair, this shipping discount really adds up.  Thanks for such wonderful service. 

Susan Taylor – Miami, FL

I can't believe Donna Bella Hair, my new favorite hair extensions company period! Your customer service is phenomenal! I am blown away! Whoever I spoke to the other day has the sweetest voice and I can tell LOVES her job!  I can think of so many other companies that would benefit by adopting some of the things you do.  It's so refreshing to have a great experience with customer service reps that are wonderful! Cheers

Scott Remmel – Columbus, OH

The hair is exactly like the hair i used from great lengths but more affordable, it looks great feels great, now the true test will be how long it lasts.

Stacy Alvarado

I luv Donna Bella hair!! The quality is always there!! I never doubt their hair when it goes on a client. I love that they offer longer hair without breaking the bank. It makes it easier for me to offer my clients the service they love without charging them a ton! I have been doing hair extensions for over 4 years and have never had a hair company that I completely believe in like donna bella!

Bobbysue York

I was a huge fan of Donna Bella Human Hair Clip extensions for years. Then I tried to find other extensions that were a bit cheaper and had the smaller clips like Donna Bella used to have. Well, I'm back because their hair is the best for the best price. It's the thickest you will find and will also last the longest. I do wish it would come in an 18 inch length and that the clips were smaller like they used to be, but otherwise, they are great. I wear them everyday and I always get compliments on my long, wavy hair. I've only been called out on wear extensions one time, otherwise, no one else knows!

Brooke Marshall

I recently had Donna Bella hair extension's put in my hair. To say the least I was very skeptical. Once the extensions were in I was amazed. The hair itself took a little getting used to but, I can say I'v only received compliment after compliment on how it looks as natural as can be as well as looking five years younger. BONUS! The stylist matched my color perectly with the hair extensions so if not for the fact of knowing my original length, you would not be able to tell at all. Thank You Donna Bella! Oh, and the look on my husbands face was worth it!!!

Kelly Henry – Nevada

Have been a customer for years with Donna Bella. Very satisified with every product purchased.

Julia Deblois – Charles Town, WV

I love the quality of Donna Bella hair, the ease of ordering online and the specials they put out and oh did I mention the newsletter? Love, Love, Love!

Jill Hatch – Layton, UT

Awesome product and I got it amazingly fast! The hair is beautiful and twice as thick as some extensions I've seen in local beauty supply stores.

Cherie Weaver – Philippi, WV

Best prices online and website is very easy to navigate.

Georgia Smith – Wilmington, NC

The products are very durable.

Carolyn Smith – McCormick, SC

I think that it is a great place to buy things. I will shop here from now on!

Misty Brenchley – Bend, OR

This is the second time I have purchased your extensions like them very much.

Dewayne Roland – Medicine Lodge, KS

I enjoy looking at all the equipment and supplies on this web site.

Dusty Menser – Richmond, KY

The Extensions (2-tone blonde) I ordered the other day were absolutely beautiful. I also ordered bright magenta purple extensions; the first bright colored I ever ordered and I was very pleased with the brightness and clarity of the hair. And also I am super looking forward to getting the feathers extensions. Keep it up; my clients love these newer trends. Thank you.

Katie Smith – Griffin, GA