The source of Donna Bella Milan's quality human hair

human hair extensionsMuch confusion exists in the marketplace about the source and quality of human hair for extensions and wigs. Let's be realistic. European woman are not in the habit of shaving their heads for either money or religious conviction. The vast majority of the world's supply of human hair comes from China or India. Both countries view it as a socially accepted tradition.

While human hair is a replenishable commodity, the supply is not considered unlimited. Imagine an Indian woman giving as a gift of thanksgiving, her long and flowing hair. It will be years before the gift can be given again. It is a precious commodity and as such, high quality, Indian Remy hair represents a small fraction of the current world market.

For years, Donna Bella Milan has personally developed trusted sources for human hair. While we process hair in China, our hair originates from the beautiful sub-continent of India. Hair is cut and graded in populated trade centers rather than village settings. This allows us to verify Remy quality and maintain stable quantities.


The processing and treatment of Donna Bella Milan's quality human hair

hair extensionsAfter the hair is purchased, it moves to our processing plant in China, where we employ an unusual method to extract the original color from the hair. Donna Bella technicians protect the hair using a passive, time sensitive process to avoid damage from harsh chemicals.

Our hair is clinically washed and dried in humid warming tunnels to prepare the hair for the next step. Donna Bella then colors the hair to 35 different shades. And finally, in the most important step, we revitalize each strand through a process known as MoisturGap infusion, where natural conditioners and moisturizers are restored to each strand of hair.

Remy quality, combined with Donna Bella Milan's unique processing, guarantees the finest results available. One touch and you'll know.