Success Stories

Tell us your story.
Our salon had dabbled in hair extensions before, but never found success. We had a few bad experiences when first trying extensions, so had zero confidence in the product and our own abilities. We first met Donna Bella Hair at a trade show in Columbus, Ohio. The method they showed us seemed a lot simpler then what we had tried in the past. One of their educators spent a lot of time with us at the show and even put extensions in one of our stylist’s hair. She loved the look and feel, so we bought the starter kit. When we got back to the salon, we put highlights in all of the stylist’s hair and within days, we started doing client’s hair. It took about 2 weeks before we attempted our first full head. We had a blast and they turned out amazing. We were all shocked! Anyway we’ve become known as one of the best extension salons in our area and it’s been crazy ever since.

How do you market the hair extensions? Do you have any tips on selling them?
We now have all eight of our stylists ask EVERY female client if she’s interested in extensions. Once they realize that they don’t need a full head, so many people are interested. We use the extensions for highlights, lowlights, adding volume and adding length. Offer them to everyone. You’ll be surprised at how many of your clients will want to try them and then get hooked. Also put some of the Donna Bella posters and stickers up so clients know you offer them.

What do you charge for your extensions?
We started out pretty cheap just to get people interested. Now that demand has gone way up, we’re able to charge more. We’re in a small town, so still can’t charge too much. If the client is getting let than one package put in, we charge $6 per strand. If they get a full head put in, we charge $4 a strand.

What one piece of advice can you give to other aspiring stylists?
Don’t be scared of the nightmare stories you hear about extensions. Also go with a company that has been around for a long time. If you have a bad experience like we did the first time, you’ll never want to do them again.

Can you give us any idea how much income your extensions has added to the salon?
We’re not a big salon, so this may not sound like much too some people. Within the last year, we’ve done just over $21,000 in extensions. Our “master extensionist” doubled her income.

What would you say to someone that might be hesitant to invest in the Donna Bella starter kit?
It’s such a small investment. It seriously costs less than a good pair of shears. What’s there to lose?

Without sounding corny, has hair extensions changed your life in any way?
Not drastically, but yes in couple of ways. Let’s be honest, more money is usually a nice change. Also we all enjoy our work more because extensions give us a change of pace. It’s not always the same old cut and color.

What's your plan for the future?
Our plan is to continue adding new styles with the extensions. We want to always be the trendiest salon in town, instead of the “old salon” that’s always a step behind.