Hair Extension Care

Donna Bella Hair Care Suggestions

Hair extensions require maintenance. For best results stylists should instruct their clients how to properly take care of their hair. Try these simple steps for best results:

  • Always use a Donna Bella hair extension brush. This special brush is made specifically for hair extensions and when used properly will not pull or catch on the extensions.

  • Use a high quality, sulfate-free, color-safe shampoo and conditioner. Condition only below the bonds. Do not do a deep condition.

  • Do not go to bed with your hair wet. Instead place your hair in a loose ponytail after it has dried.

  • Brush your hair once a day. Hold the roots of your hair with one hand while brushing in a downware motion with the other.

  • Stay away from salty and chlorinated water as this will eat away the bonds that are holding in the hair extensions.

  • Some slippage is common. If you are losing more than 10% of your extensions return to the salon and troubleshoot with your stylist.

  • Remember, hair extensions require maintenance. The better you take care of your hair, the longer it will last.

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