Q: How many strands of hair do I need for a full head?

A: The average head of hair takes between 5 and 6 packs (100 – 120 strands).  However, depending on the length of the client’s hair, as well as the thickness this can vary.  Someone with a short bob for example may use as many as 10 packs whereas someone with shoulder length hair may only need 4.

Q: What color should I choose?

A: We have 35 colors to choose from in a wide variety of shades and levels.  Remember, because the hair is 100% human you can also color the hair to a level of your choice.  For a list of our colors click here to view our Color Ring. or you can purchase a Color Ring to help make the decision.

Q: This is my first time!  Where do I start?

A: Donna Bella has created an extensive educational DVD.  The DVD goes in depth showing you how to apply, remove and care for the hair.  You can purchase an educational DVD in our shopping cart plus we have stylist representatives on hand from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm MST.

Q: What is the difference between I-Link and Kera-Link?

A: Our I-Link method is also known as the beading method. It involves tiny aluminum beads created to hold the hair in place.  It also alleviates the use of heat and glue making the removal process much easier.  Our Kera-Link method is widely referred to as the “Fusion” method. We have 100% keratin tips applied to the hair making it easy to hide and use.

Q: How many strands come in a pack?

A: For our I-Link and Kera-Link packs there are 20 strands per pack.  For our clip-in hair it varies depending upon whether you want highlight clips or a wrap-around piece.

Q: How do I care for my hair?

A: For a complete list of hair care instructions visit feel free to view our hair care instruction card.  Be sure to always use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.  Try not to expose the bonds to chlorinated water or other harsh ingredients. 

Q: What can I do with my hair once the extensions are in?

A: Basically anything you would do with your own hair.  From curling to blow-drying, flat-ironing and coloring.  Just remember to always take extra good care and your hair will look, last and feel like a million bucks.

Q: Can I brush my hair with extensions in place?

A: Yes!  Donna Bella sells a very affordable hair extension brush. We recommend requiring each new customer to purchase one to ensure proper care and maintenance for the hair.

Q: What makes Donna Bella the best?

A: The single most important issue to ensuring the hair is top quality is the sourcing.  For an in-depth walk through of our sourcing method please visit quality.