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Donna Bella Hair Extension Accessories

Donna Bella Milan lets you choose from a complete line of hair extension tools.  The list includes tools, melting connectors, educational DVDs, aprons, capes, combs, brushes, clips, cases, color rings, bond remover, protector strips, and rebonds with more fun accessories to come.

Many of these items are included in the specially priced Donna Bella Milan hair extension starter kits.  Each hair extension tool can be purchased separately however, at low competitive prices.  Using the right tools and accessories saves you time and money.


The Classic
Price: $25.00
The Luxe
Price: $40.00
The Flare
Price: $65.00
Bond Remover
Price: $12.00
Color Ring
Price: $45.00
Gator Clips - Black
Price: $6.99
Gator Clips - Pink
Price: $6.99
Hair Extension Brush
Price: $7.50
Melting Connector
Price: $40.00
Protector Disks
Price: $9.00
Protector Strip
Price: $9.00
Rebonds - Black
Price: $6.00
Rebonds - Brown
Price: $6.00
Rebonds - Clear
Price: $6.00
Single Sided Tape
Price: $12.00
Ultra Bond Remover
Price: $12.00
Loop Tool
Price: $19.00

Use accessories to grow your income.  For example, you will be amazed at how your sales figures will shoot-up when you have plenty of specially designed hair extension brushes and other Donna Bella accessories on hand.