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Lime Green Glow Strands

Lime Green Glow Strands

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Ships Monday if you order in the next 48 hours.

Product Description

What's included in your Glow Strands package:

Each package of Glow Strands contains 50 36" lengths of premium hair tinsel.

Color: Lime Green

Be on the cutting edge of the newest fashion trend!

If you want to take part in one of the newest trends to hit hair fashion, then you need not look any further. These unique Glow Strands can help add exciting colors, texture, and highlights to your hair.

Blends with your natural hair and lasts for weeks!

They easily attach to the hair and last for up to four weeks! These Glow Strands are safe, non-toxic, and heat-resistant. You can still wash, blow-dry, brush, staighten, and curl your hair!

Installation is easy!

Simply fold the hair tinsel in half and tie the strand into your existing hair.

Customer Reviews

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  • Jennifer

    Washington, DC

    Very High Quality01/07/2014

    I have been ordering Kera-Link extensions from Donna Bella for over 2 years now and the competition does not even compare to the quality and overall consistency of Donna Bella's products.

  • Linda

    Baltimore, MD

    I Always Come Back to Donna Bella!01/07/2014

    I have ordered Tape-In extensions from you for over a year now and I love them. Shopped others but always came back to your high quality hair.

  • Krissy

    San Diego, CA

    Easy to use!01/07/2014

    I was looking for synthetic hair extensions to try before I spent so much money on human hair when I came to the Donna Bella Hair site. I ordered the Full Head Synthetic Hair clip ins and was amazed at how real they look, feel, and blend with my real hair. They are so easy to use too. My order came so fast also! I will definitely be ordering the human hair extensions for styling purposes soon and will be referring all of my friends to Donna Bella Hair.

  • Kimberly

    Lafayette, LA

    So comfortable!01/07/2014

    I wanted to wait a few weeks before writing a review on my new Donna Bella Hair so I could see how it looked after I styled it a few times. I loved it when I first got it and I still love it!! I ordered 18" hair and it looked great but I cut it to look more like me. I always use the extension brush I ordered from Donna Bella Hair and it is easy to style with a curling iron or flat iron. Sometimes I just wash it and let it dry for an easy natural wave look. My Donna Bella Hair makes me feel sexy and I look younger and healthier than before. My Hairstylist at Tan Envy helped me order the right amount of hair and matched my color perfectly. It took her two hours using beads to attach the extensions to my existing hair. It didn't hurt at all nor does it hurt to sleep on. I am very active, drive to work every day in my convertible sports car or ride on my boyfriends Harley and my new hair looks great, is easy to untangle and has made my life a lot more fun. Thank You Donna Bella Hair for money well spent on the best hairstyle I have ever had.

  • Emily

    Albuquerque, NM

    The best extensions!01/07/2014

    I love Donna Bella hair. I have tried a lot of hair extensions but I think that Donna Bella is by far the best. I use clip in and I just love their product.
    Thank you so much!

  • Nancy

    Chicago, IL

    Nothing compares!01/07/2014

    I've had tape in hair extensions from two other companies and have been disappointed. One of those companies is very well known. They cannot compare to Donna Bella's hair extensions. They are true REMY, they have more weight/hair per extension, and look fabulous after months of wear! I was so happy with my first set, (a half head) I ordered another set to give myself the most beautiful head of long silky hair. No one can believe that the hair is not mine! I highly recommend Donna Bella. Phone staff was very helpful and nice too!

  • Amber Fey

    Boston, MA

    Absolutely Addicted01/07/2014

    I absolutely love your product! Ive been addicted to I-Links for years now because of how high quality they are!

  • Ashley Reynoldson

    Lincoln, NE

    First Impression: Donna Bella Clip-In Extensions01/07/2014

    Hey everyone, so today my Donna Bella extensions came in, so I wanted to make a video for you guys that would be 100% honest and my very first impressions. Join me in opening these extensions :)

  • Melissa

    Camden, NJ

    I have long luscious locks!01/03/2014

    Thanks Donna Bella, I have long luscious locks!!!!

  • Mindy Simmons

    Pittsburg, PA

    Great Quality12/31/2013

    I've ordered hair for Donna Bella for 2 yrs now. I've used the I-link and the Fusion hair before. Great quality. The hair looks and feels so natural.

  • Nicole Culp

    Amarillo, TX

    Love I-Link Funky Colors12/31/2013

    I have done many I-Link funky colors on some of my clients!(: Absolutely love them!

  • Sinifini Lulu

    Austin, TX

    I-Link works fabulously!12/31/2013

    Hi Everyone,

    I would like to say I LOVE Donna Bella hair extensions, I use the I- link w/ microbead and it works fabulously!

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